People, nauseating


Air, choking the throat


In the night, I developed an allergy

to artificial light

Itching, scratching, until face bled


Finally, I escaped the past

that suffocating hole

Clogged by her


The most imperious

My mum


The most passive

My mum


The most ignorant

My mum


The person I most owe,

The poorest darling,



The most unbearable




Do you have a phobia?

Anything which

As soon as you see it,

you scream




I’m afraid of chickens

Even an image of them

frightens me


He cracked up:

Perhaps you were a chicken in a past life

Blinded by the beak of your own kind

Therefore, in this life, you can’t even

look at them


No, my phobia wasn’t born

I remember watching my mum

kill a chicken when I was young

Perhaps that was her first time,

They both struggled,

It took the bird a long, long time to die


I’m also afraid of people.